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How To Enjoy Whisky

On the 25th of January Scotland will celebrate one of their finest assets, Robert Burns.

Burns Night

Join us in celebrating the original Master of Ceremony, Robert Burns, for a marvellous Burns Night Supper at the Ox Clifton.

Come and Work For Us

We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved and it’s our dedicated team who make it all happen.

Butchers For The Day

Here at the Ox we take great pride in the meat that we serve, it’s the reason that we’ve been voted best steak restaurant at the Bristol good food awards

We’re Officially the UK’s 47th Best Restaurant!

We’re on a bit of a winning streak (or should we say winning ‘steak’) when it comes to awards at the moment! 

Christmas 2015 at The Ox

If you’re looking for the perfect, alternative Christmas party venue for your office, family or friends, we’ve got just the thing for you! 

Bristol’s Best Steak 2015

We are literally besides ourselves that we were recently crowned as serving Bristol’s Best Steak, by the people of Bristol and a panel of Bristol Good Food Award judges. This

The Ox Yorkie Bake Off

To celebrate the marvellous return of our roasts we’ve been asking you to take part in The Ox Yorkie Bake Off,

Why Cider Wins All of the Time

Bristolians are a passionate lot and there are a few things that they hold close to their hearts: a dude in a tall hat, being descendants of pirates, Wallace and

Cider Lunch Club

On the last Friday of the month we will be hosting a fabulous luncheon for those folk keen to indulge.